Live a Wholesome, Drug-Free Life Style with Social Interactive Techniques by
Working with Our Drug Abuse Prevention Program


Receive Helpful Information and Resources

from Our Drug Abuse Prevention E-books .                                                   

Ensure a brighter future for your community when you request the drug abuse prevention assistance provided by Wiping Out Drug Abuse. Our team is always available to provide helpful hands-on assistance, so be sure to contact us without delay for informative drug abuse prevention resources.

Music with Positive Messages
Our inspirational songs are written from a youth perspective to include all the real-life drug abuse problems facing our community. These songs can be downloaded individually or purchased as a compilation on a CD. Call us today for details.

Inspirational Songs:

   • "Brighter Days Will Come"
      Written by Bobby Jones 
      Recorded by Dick Short                                           Produced by Gospel  Country Pop Productions

 • "Why Can't We Get along with Our Fellow Man?"
    Written & Composed by Alton Brown


Auditions Available
We are currently looking for young men and women to perform in our inspirational music videos. Call or e-mail us today for audition information.
Commemorative Merchandise:

   • WODA Clothing Items

   • WODA  Music DVD's

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   • WODA First Aids Kits

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Teen - Drug Abuse Education in Brockton, MA
Clothing Items
We offer an assortment of stylish sweat suits and T-shirts that are adorned with the Wiping Out Drug Abuse logo. This way, you can spread our message everywhere you go and share your message with everybody you encounter.

Membership Discounts
Our membership cards offer special discounts at selection retailers across the country. Call or e-mail us today for details on becoming a member.

Job Opportunities
Join Wiping Out Drug Abuse and begin contributing to the betterment of society when you take advantage of our job opportunities. If we work together, nothing is impossible!

Expand your horizons with our informative drug abuse prevention E-books .

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